Server Commands

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    Most commands are not case sensitive
    Plot commands may be abbreviated /p. Ex: /PlotMe claim or /p claim or /plot claim

    /help [#]
    Gives you the list of commands used in-game. Specify a number to go to a specific page.


    Upon connecting to the hub, you will receive three tools to control your personal settings across all servers. For more information, check out
    • /channels - Mute/Unmute specific chat channels
      • Green means you can view the channel
      • Red means the channel is muted
      • /friend list - Displays all friends you have added as well as their connection status
      • /friend add <name> - Add an online player as a friend
      • /friend accept/deny - Accept or deny a friend request
      • /friend tp <name> - Teleport to specified friend
    • /home <name> - Teleports you to that specific home
    • /homes <player> - Displays the name of the specified player's homes (Hover over the home name to teleport)
    • /phome <player> <name> - Teleports you to the specified player's home
    • /sethome <name> - Sets home location with any name of your choice. Once the home is set, anyone can teleport to that point (unless changed in your toggle menu)
    • /toggle - Opens menu to customize your gameplay experience
      • Private Messages: controls whether people can send you a /msg
      • Marriage Requests: controls whether people can send you a marriage request
      • Friend Requests: controls whether people can send you a friend request
      • Public Home Access: controls whether people can see or teleport to your homes (this will be explained in more detail later)
      • Scoreboard: controls whether the info scoreboard is shown or hidden
      • Item Drops: controls whether items you drop are destroyed or thrown on the floor
      • Item Pickup: controls whether your player picks up items from the ground


    /logblock toolblock (/lb tb) [off]
    An incredibly useful tool used to discover who griefed something. Do /lb tb off to turn it off.


    See EDawg Plot Plugin
    /p auto
    Automatically teleport to and claim a random plot.
    /p add <name> (/p + <name>)
    Allow a player to build on your plot while you're online
    /p open
    Open your plot to the public
    /p close
    Close your plot to the public
    /p trust <name> (/p ++ <name>)
    Allow a player to build while you're offline, and allow to use liquids (including ice) and WorldEdit.
    /p claim
    Claim the plot you are on.
    /p info or /p i
    Display general information about the plot you are on.
    /p deny <name> (/p ban <name>)
    Ban a player from teleporting to your plot.
    /p unban <name>
    Unban a player from your plot.
    /p clear
    Reset your plot. This command has a 24 hour cool down.
    /p remove <name>(/p - <name>)
    Remove a player's building permissions from your plot.
    /phome <name> [#] (/p visit <name> [#])
    Teleport to a person's plot. Specify plot number to teleport to second, third, etc. plot.
    /phome [#] (/p h [#])
    Teleport to your second, third, etc. plot. If no plot number is specified, it will default to your first plot.

    EDawg878 Core

    See EDawg878-Core.
    Teleport to the servers hub.
    Talk in the global channel.
    Talk in the local channel. The local channel is specific to the plot you are standing on.
    /list or /online or /who
    Display the total number of players connected (800 limit).
    Display a list of all online staff. It is ordered from rank and alphabetically.
    /gender <male|reset|female>
    Sets your gender and name color.
    /marry <name>
    Send a marriage request to a player in game.
    /marry accept
    Accepts a pending marriage request.
    /marry deny
    Denies a pending marriage request.
    /marry divorce
    Divorce your spouse.
    /marry tp
    Teleport to your spouse.
    /marry who
    Check who you're married to.
    Block everyone from sending marriage requests to you.
    /msg <name> <message>
    Send a private message to a player
    Reveal all disguised players on your plot.
    Toggle PVP mode. (If you are in combat, you cannot disable PVP mode.)
    Display voting links to help support the server and recieve credits, as well as WorldEdit (3 votes) and redstone (6 votes) privileges. (Players may vote a maximum of 12 times per day)
    Gives you the list of Rules that you need to abide by while on the server.
    /join <user>
    Teleport to the server that the specified player is in.
    Tells you what server you are currently on.
    Main command for friends. You can add, block, etc. anyone.


    /helpop <message> /report <message>
    Used to contact online staff when you need help (i.e. grief).
    This command is only to be used when calling for help from staff.
    /i <item> [#]
    Spawn an item. item can be an item name (e.g. endportal) or an item ID (e.g. 52), and can have a data value affixed to the end after a colon (e.g. planks:5).
    Teleport to the server spawn
    /sethome [name]
    Set a home, which you can teleport to any time.
    /home [name]
    Teleport to your home.
    /ignore <name>
    Ignore a player, causing all chat messages from that player to disappear. If the player is already ignored, this command will unignore them. The command by itself lists all the players you have ignored.
    View information on the item you have selected.
    /mail send <name> <message>
    Send mail to an offline player.
    /mail read
    Read all mail in your inbox.
    /mail clear
    Clear all mail from your inbox.
    /tpa <name>
    Request to teleport to a player
    /tpahere <name>
    Request a player to teleport to you
    Accept a pending teleportation request
    Deny a pending teleportation request
    /warp <name>
    Teleport to a warp
    List all available warps you may teleport to.
    Toggle other players' ability to teleport to - or send teleportation requests - to you.
    /ci or /clearinventory
    Clear your inventory.
    /delhome <name>
    Delete a home of yours.
    /einfo colors
    View Color Codes.
    Describes your current bearing.
    States current depth, relative to sea level.
    Get your current coordinates.
    Adjust player's time. Time tutorial
    /seen <name>
    Shows the last logout time of a player or how long they have been online.


    Begin the donation process (You must do /ec to return to the server chat)


    World Edit Help (You must /vote 3 times to get world edit)

    WorldEdit Command Reference

    Tier Commands

    Tier 1

    + Tier prefix [1]
    + Set 2 homes: /set home
    + Set Custom Display Name: /displayname [color] [format]
    - Available formats: bold, strike through, italics, underline, none.
    -To reset your display name: /displayname reset​
    + Set Fly Speed: /flyspeed [1-10]
    + Set Walk Speed: /walkspeed [1-10]
    + Colored signs (reference codes)

    Tier 2

    + Premium Tier [1]
    + Set 3 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as an snowman: /disguise snowman
    + Disguise as burning snowman: /disguise snowman setBurning true
    + Disguise as a chicken: /disguise chicken
    + Disguise as a burning chicken: /disguise chicken setBurning true
    + Disguise as a baby chicken: /disguise chicken setBaby true
    + Permanent Redstone:
    + Place redstone wire
    + Place redstone repeater
    + Place redstone comparator
    + Place beacon
    + Place dropper
    + Disguise Menu: /dmenu

    Tier 3

    + Premium Tier [2]
    + Set 4 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as a pig: /disguise pig
    + Disguise as a baby pig: /disguise pig setBaby true
    + Disguise as a burning pig: /disguise pig setBurning true
    + Disguise as a saddled pig: /disguise setSaddled true
    + Disguise as a cow: /disguise cow
    + Disguise as a burning cow: /disguise cow setBurning true
    + Disguise as a baby cow: /disguise cow setBaby true
    + Disguise as a sheep: /disguise sheep
    + Disguise as a burning sheep: /disguise sheep setBurning true
    + Disguise as a baby sheep: /disguise sheep setBaby true
    + Disguise as a colored sheep: /disguise sheep setColor
    + Teleport to Last Location: /back

    /disguisehelp AnimalColors

    Tier 4

    + Premium Tier [3]
    + Set 5 homes: /sethome
    + Direct Teleportation: /tp
    + Modify Fireworks with Custom Effects: /firework
    + Set AFK Status: /afk
    + Reserved Server Slot
    + Set a Block Hat: /hat

    shape: ball
    effect: twinkle>[, twinkle>]

    /firework color:red
    /firework color:red shape:star effect:trail

    Tier 5

    + Premium Tier [4]
    + Set 5 homes: /sethome
    + Display crafting guide: /recipe [recipe number]
    + Send personal status: /me [Note: Displays in /local only]
    + Fill item stack to maximum Size: /more
    + Disguise as a wolf:
    /disguise wolf
    + Disguise as a baby wolf:
    /disguise wolf setBaby true
    + Disguise as a wolf with a colored collar:
    /disguise wolf setCollarColor
    + Disguise as a burning wolf:
    /disguise wolf setBurning true
    + Disguise as an angry wolf:
    /disguise wolf setAngry true

    /disguisehelp AnimalColors

    Tier 6

    + Premium Tier [5]
    + Set 7 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as a ocelot: /disguise ocelot
    + Disguise as a certain ocelot: /disguise ocelot setType
    + Disguise as a baby ocelot: /disguise ocelot setBaby true
    + Disguise as tamed ocelot: /disguise ocelot setTamed true
    + Disguise as a burning ocelot: /disguise ocelot setBurning true
    + Create Free Sign:
    + Create Heal Sign:
    + Create Enchant Sign:
    + Create Gamemode Sign:

    Tier 7

    + Premium Tier [6]
    + Set 8 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as an enderman:
    /disguise enderman
    + Disguise as a burning enderman:
    /disguise enderman setBurning true
    + Disguise as an enderman holding a block:
    /disguise enderman setCarried <#>
    + Disguise as a creeper:
    /disguise creeper
    + Disguise as a burning creeper:
    /disguise creeper setBurning true
    + Disguise as a charged creeper:
    /disguise creeper setPowered true
    + Disguise as a spider:
    /disguise spider
    + Disguise as a burning spider:
    /disguise spider setBurning true
    + Disguise as a cave spider:
    /disguise cave_spider
    + Disguise as a burning cave spider:
    /disguise cave_spider setBurning true

    Tier 8

    + Premium Tier [7]
    + Set 9 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as a slime:
    /disguise slime
    + Disguise as a burning slime:
    /disguise slime setBurning true
    + Disguise as a magma cube:
    /disguise magma_cube
    + Disguise as a burning magma cube:
    /disguise magma_cube setBurning true
    + Disguise as a squid:
    /disguise squid
    + Disguise as a burning squid:
    /disguise squid setBurning true
    + Disguise as a mushroom cow:
    /disguise mushroom_cow
    + Disguise as a burning mushroom cow:
    /disguise mushroom_cow setBurning true
    + Disguise as a zombie:
    /disguise zombie
    + Disguise as a burning zombie:
    /disguise zombie setBurning true

    Tier 9

    + Premium Tier [8]
    + Set 10 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as a horse:
    /disguise horse
    + Disguise as a burning horse:
    /disguise horse setBurning true
    + Disguise as a baby horse:
    /disguise horse setBaby true
    + Disguise as a tamed horse:
    /disguise horse setTamed true
    + Disguise as a styled horse:
    /disguise horse setStyle

    Tier 10

    + Premium Tier [9]
    + Set 11 homes: /sethome
    + Disguise as a giant:
    /disguise giant
    + Disguise as a burning giant:
    /disguise giant setBurning true
    + Disguise as a villager:
    /disguise villager
    + Disguise as a baby villager:
    /disguise villager setAdult false
    + Disguise as a burning villager:
    /disguise villager setBurning true
    + Disguise as a witch:
    /disguise witch
    + Disguise as a burning witch:
    /disguise witch setBurning true
    + Disguise as a zombie villager:
    /disguise zombie_villager
    + Disguise as a baby zombie villager:
    /disguise zombie_villager setAdult false
    + Disguise as a skeleton:
    /disguise skeleton
    + Disguise as a burning skeleton:
    /disguise skeleton setBurning true
    + Disguise as a wither skeleton:
    /disguise wither_skeleton
    + Disguise as a burning wither_skeleton:
    /disguise wither_skeleton setBurning true
    + Disguise as a pig zombie:
    /disguise pig_zombie
    + Disguise as a burning pig zombie:
    /disguise pig_zombie setBurning true
    + Disguise as a silverfish:
    /disguise silverfish
    + Disguise as a burning silverfish:
    /disguise silverfish setBurning true
    + Disguise as a iron golem:
    /disguise iron_golem
    + Disguise as a burning iron golem:
    /disguise iron_golem setBurning true
    + Disguise as a bat:
    /disguise bat
    + Disguise as a burning bat:
    /disguise bat setBurning true

    Tier 11

    + Premium Tier [10]
    + Disguise as an endermite:
    /disguise endermite
    + Disguise as a burning endermite:
    /disguise endermite setBurning true
    + Get a trail!:
    + Get a cloud of rain!:
    Ghast Tears Rain

    Tier 12

    + Premium Tier [11]
    + Disguise as an rabbit:
    /disguise rabbit
    + Disguise as a burning rabbit:
    /disguise rabbit setBurning true
    + Disguise as a babyrabbit:
    /disguise rabbit setBaby true
    + Get a trail!:
    + Get a cloud of rain!:
    Nether Wart Rain

    Tier 13

    + Premium Tier [12]
    + Disguise as an guardian:
    /disguise guardian
    + Disguise as a burning guardian:
    /disguise guardian setBurning true
    + Disguise as a elder gardian:
    /disguise guardian setElder true
    + Get a trail!:
    + Get a cloud of rain!:
    Gold Rain

    Tier 14

    + Premium Tier [13]
    + Disguise as an polar_bear:
    /disguise polar_bear
    + Disguise as a burning polar_bear:
    /disguise polar_bear setBurning true
    + Disguise as a babypolar_bear:
    /disguise polar_bear setBaby true
    + Disguise as a standing polar bear:
    /disguise polar_bear setStanding true
    + Get a trail!:
    + Get a cloud of rain!:
    Diamonds Rain

    Tier 15

    + Premium Tier [14]
    + Get up to 3 trails!:
    Select up to 3 trails in the trails menu
    + Make your own wings trail!:
    Select the feather
    Select up to 3 colors
    + Set your own rain!:
    Select the rain submenu
    Select golden pickaxe
    Select the cloud color
    Select the item you want it to rain

    /disguisehelp VillagerProfessions


    Miscellaneous perks attained through donation
    *** NOTE ***
    Perks are unrelated to tiers! Buying perks will not affect your tier level in any way. Futhermore, perks are not represented in game by the [#] prefix. Basically, perks are independent from tiers and their abilities are different as well.

    Permanent WorldEdit

    + Access to WorldEdit without needing to vote


    + Display Compass Bearing: /compass
    + Display Current Coordinates: /getpos
    + Teleport to Highest Block: /top
    + Teleport to the block you are looking at: /jump


    Command: /book [title] author [name]
    + Unlock written books
    + Modify book text
    + Modify book author
    + Modify book title


    + See into Somebody's Inventory: /invsee <player>
    + See into your Enderchest: /enderchest
    + See into other's Enderchest's: /endersee <name>
    + Become Invisible and offline to others: /vanish
    + List Nearby Players: /near
    + Display block depth in relation to sea level: /depth


    + Disguise as Another Player: /disguise player
    + Copies Player's Skin
    + Copies Player's Cape
    + Copies Player's List-Name
    * You are not able to see your own disguise, only other players can
    * Impersonating any staff member will result in a ban
    * Doesn't copy UUID code.


    + Heal yourself: /heal
    + Repair Items: /repair [hand|all]
    + Enchant Items: /enchant [enchantment name] [level]
    + Set EXP: /exp set|give <name> <amount>
    + PvP kit: /kit god
    * Cooldown of 10 seconds


    See EchoPet
    You can get a customized mob to be your pet!
    /pet <animal>
    Create a pet
    /pet remove
    Remove your pet.
    /pet selector Get the pet selection menu tool item
    /pet select Directly open the pet selection menu
    /pet menu Pet interaction menu
    /pet name Set a name for your pet
    /pet ride Ride your pet
    /pet hat Set your pet as a hat
    /pet show Shows hidden pet
    /pet hide Hides your pet
    /pet call Summons your pet
    /pet info Summary of your pet
    /pet list List all pet types
    WARNING: Pets are subject to removal if you abuse the naming feature through usage of profanity or through other provocative means

    **Some commands might be subject to change without notice. **
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