Proper Wiki Page Creation

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  • A Wiki Page is a page containing specified information in a certain format. This is how to properly format and organize a wiki page.

    Creating A New Page

    To create a wiki page on the Edawg878 Forums Wiki, simply go to the bar above and click on "Create a new page". This will direct you to a text box with buttons along the top. Enter your title.

    Topic Information

    At the top of the text box, enter any information about your set topic, and add a picture for the reader to further understand if possible. Do not add a title in the text box itself, only where it indicates to enter one. Even if you are writing a tutorial of some sort, there is already the title you added.


    A section is a large, bold and underlined title with a button next to it called (top). You can create a section by entering 'h2' and '/h2' with square brackets ( [] ) replacing the apostrophes ( ' ). Put your section title in the middle of 'h2' and '/h2'. Sections should also show up in a "Contents" section automatically at the top of the page.

    'h2'Test123'/h2' should show up as:


    Remember to replace the apostrophes '' with square brackets! []

    Adding Notes

    If you'd like to add notes or tips of some sort, put them in another section using hyphens ( - ) to mark each note.

    Useful Quoting

    You may add quotes on top of the page for purposes. This is to highlight and inform the reader of the information given. These quotes may be:

    1. Use this when your page is not done.

    This page is undone!
    This page has not been fully organized or completed. More information may be given later or may be replaced. Please feel free to contribute information. You may delete this quote when this page is done.
    2. Use this when you think your information is not up to date.

    This page has not been updated.
    Information or Statistics given may not be edited or given as of the recent edit. Feel free to update and remove this quote when all information has been updated.
    3. Use this when you show offensive examples, such as "Examples of Bypass" or "Examples of Offensive Words"
    This may be offensive to the player.
    If you are below 13 years of age, please do not read the information given below as it may be found as offensive.
    4. Use this when you think there are chances of human error through Tutorials such as "How to install a mod" or "How to Install Shaders"

    Please follow with Computer Precaution!
    This page contains content that may lead to computer defection or errors when not followed properly. Please take precautionary measures to your computer before following the instructions given.


    -Think of writing a Wiki Page as writing an essay. Don't include any personal thoughts, opinions or feelings. Only add facts.

    -If writing a tutorial, do not explain unneeded information. Do not answer questions you think the reader even may ask either.

    - Don't add just to add, make sure your information is FOR SURE 100% Benefital

    -DO NOT ADD A TITLE IN THE BOX. There is already the title you added first.

    -Do not write anything such as "by [name]." If people want to know who wrote it, they can check the history.

    -If you'd like to credit somebody or cite an info source, create a section titled "Sources".

    -If possible, please add screenshots to your tutorial. Not only will this make your tutorial clearer, but everybody who will read your tutorial will learn the concept easily with full understanding of the topic.