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  • Plugins allowed for the customization of game play, often adding functions allowing for more fun. All plugins are developed separate from Mojang and all affiliates. Below is the list of the plugins the EDawg878 Creative Server runs, a short description of the plugin, and a link to its commands. Plugins are opensource, allowing for anyone to modify the plugins for their needs. Many of the plugins can be found on GitHub, and may be forked or pulled to allow modification.


    DisguiseCraft is a plugin that allows for custom disguises. Players can disguise as any mob, any player, and as certain types of objects. DisguiseCraft uses CraftBukkit's advance API to allow prevent typical disguise problems. DisguiseCraft is developed by Devil_Boy​


    EchoPet is a plugin that allows for entities to follow the player around in the world. EchoPet offers and extensive GUI and AI for more fun! DSH105 develops and maintains this plugin.​


    The EDawg878-Core plugin is developed by EDawg878 and handles a variety of actions, as well as a variety of behind the scenes actions the EDawg878-Core plugin does to improve server performance.​


    The Essentials plugin adds to what the CraftBukkit server files leave out. Essentials adds over 100 commands useful for about every server. Essentials is developed by a group of six plus developers, lead by KHobbits.​


    CoreProtect is a anti-griefing plugin that has become essential for almost any Minecraft server. CoreProtect allows for extensive rollbacks throughout worlds with minimal lag.


    Plotsquared is a multi-world plot management plugin, allowing advanced controls for each individual plot. It is the essences of #1 Creative Server.​


    WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer. With over 100 commands, WorldEdit is the most advanced world editor out there. WorldEdit is developed and maintained by sk89q, but is an open source.​