How to start out on the server

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  • First off, hello, and welcome to, the #1 Creative server!

    When you first join

    When you join the server, it's best to type in and read /help and /Rules or /warp rules
    (NOTE: /rules and /rules 2 are out dated. Please check for more up to date rules.) first to understand the server's rules and basis. If you're still confused with the rules and commands ask a server moderator or administrator. A moderator's name and chat is red, and an administrator's chat is orange. And they've also got a tag next to their name to help you identify the status of the staff member.

    How to change your name color/gender

    When you first join, your name will be white. This means your "gender" is not specified.
    Typing in these commands will change your name color and server gender:

    /gender male sets your gender to male, and changes your name color to a striking aqua color.
    /gender female sets your gender to female, and changes your name color to a lovely magenta color.

    /gender other/reset sets your gender to "other", or resets your color back to a plain white.

    If you would like to have more name colors, you need a "Tier" of at least [1], which costs $10, about €7.25, or about £6.
    You can access the donation page to purchase a tier using the /buy command. Clicking on the links shown will direct you to the online donation page.

    Claiming plots

    If you'd just like to jump right in and begin building, you can use /p auto to automatically claim a plot. You can access it at any time by typing /phome. Also, if you find an unclaimed or expired plot, do /p claim to claim it if your plot count allows it.

    *Note: if there is a build on your plot, just use /p clear.

    To add/trust a player

    To add people to your plot, type /p add <player> or /p + <player> . This will allow them to build with non-liquid blocks while the owner (you) is online. To trust a player, type /p trust <player> or /p ++ <player>. This will allow them to use liquids and WorldEdit on your plot while you are on or offline. If you'd like to trust an added player, you must first remove them from your plot with /p remove <player>. Only then can you trust them.

    *Note: Ice counts as a liquid, but Packed Ice does not count.

    To chat

    Chatting is preferred by many players and will greatly improve your EDawg878 experience if rules are followed. There are two types of chat; Global and Local.
    /global allows you to chat with anybody on the server, as it is seen by all players. You can use Global chat to advertise your plot, but do not spam advertisements.
    /local chat is only seen by players on the plot you are on, and is seen in a bright green hue. It is mostly used for Roleplay to distinguish from the crowd of white Global chat. If you are not on a plot, the /local command will not work. This command only works if you are on a plot, so be sure you are standing on a plot when you use this command.

    Common starter questions

    How big are the plots?
    The plots are huge, scaling in at 512 blocks by 512 blocks!

    Can I be staff?
    You can apply for moderator on the forums.

    How do I get a new plot?
    You can get a new plot by going to the shop and purchasing one. Or, you can get one by /shop
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