How to Report Grief

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  • Whether it's on your own plot, or on someone else's, you will encounter a grief at some point.

    First things first, be sure it is actually a grief. You may come across something that looks like a grief, but really isn't.

    Also, even if a grief may be stumbled upon, you need to figure out if it's actually a grief as the plot owner
    may have been ok with their friend griefing. If the plot owner is offline, just wait until he/she gets on or,
    let the situation fly off. Players have been for banned for misunderstandings because people reported them and then later their friend's say, "I was ok with my friend griefing. Why did you ban him?" Don't just assume it's a grief and report the grief without the plot owner's permission to report.

    1. Make sure players don't touch the grief. This can prevent proper rollback of the damage.Once you are sure it is grief, use LogBlock (/lb tb) to see who griefed. Also get the plot info (/p i) and the plot owner's name.

    2. Take screenshots of the grief, including the plot info and the LogBlock results. F2 is the easiest way.

    3. Go to the Reports section of the forums, and create a new topic. Be sure to include the plot owner's name in the title.

    4. Type out the plot owner's name (if it is their second or third, etc. plot, include the plot number) and the griefer's name.

    5. Attach the screenshots you snapped as evidence of the grief.

    a) Screenshots can be found on a PC by opening 'Run' from the start meun, and entering %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots (This will land you in the screenshots folder).

    b) On a Mac, [username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots.

    c) For more details on uploading screenshots, see here. Or here (For windows).

    6. An Admin will get around to repairing the grief and banning the griefer (if necessary).
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