How To Disguise

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  • DisguiseCraft allows for players to disguise themselves as mobs or players. You will not be able to see the disguise via F5. Only other players will see the disguise. In order to use the disguise command, you must have at least Tier 2.

    The base command is: /disguise or /d. If you are higher than Tier 2, you may also use the disguise menu GUI, /dmenu.

    To undisguise, type /u, /undis, or /undisguise.

    Tier 2 Disguises

    • A snowman: /disguise snowman
    • A burning snowman: /disguise snowman setBurning true
    • A chicken: /disguise chicken
    • A burning chicken: /disguise chicken setBurning true
    • A baby chicken: /disguise chicken setBaby true

    Tier 3 Disguises

    All tier 2 disguises including more:

    • A pig: /disguise pig
    • A baby pig: /disguise pig setBaby true
    • A burning pig: /disguise pig setBurning true
    • A saddled pig: /disguise setSaddled true
    • A cow: /disguise cow
    • A burning cow: /disguise cow setBurning true
    • A baby cow: /disguise cow setBaby true
    • A sheep: /disguise sheep
    • A burning sheep: /disguise sheep setBurning true
    • A baby sheep: /disguise sheep setBaby true
    • A colored sheep: /disguise sheep setColor
    Sheep Color: /disguisehelp AnimalColors

    Tier 4 Disguises

    All tiers 2 and 3 disguises.

    Tier 5 Disguises

    All tiers 2, 3 and 4 disguises including more:

    • A wolf: /disguise wolf
    • A baby wolf: /disguise wolf setBaby true
    • A wolf with a colored collar: /disguise wolf setCollarColor
    • A burning wolf: /disguise wolf setBurning true
    • An angry wolf: /disguise wolf setAngry true

    Tier 6 Disguises

    All tiers 2, 3, 4 and 5 disguises and:

    • A ocelot: /disguise ocelot
    • A certain ocelot: /disguise ocelot setType
    • A baby ocelot: /disguise ocelot setBaby true
    • As tamed ocelot: /disguise ocelot setTamed true
    • A burning ocelot: /disguise ocelot setBurning true

    Tier 7 Disguises

    All previously mentioned disguises and:

    • An enderman: /disguise enderman
    • A burning enderman: /disguise enderman setBurning true
    • An enderman holding a block: /disguise enderman setCarried <#>
    • A creeper: /disguise creeper
    • A burning creeper: /disguise creeper setBurning true
    • A charged creeper: /disguise creeper setPowered true
    • A spider: /disguise spider
    • A burning spider: /disguise spider setBurning true
    • A cave spider: /disguise cave_spider
    • A burning cave spider: /disguise cave_spider setBurning true

    Tier 8 Disguises

    All previously mentioned disguises and:

    • A slime: /disguise slime
    • A burning slime: /disguise slime setBurning true
    • A magma cube: /disguise magma_cube
    • A burning magma cube: /disguise magma_cube setBurning true
    • A squid: /disguise squid
    • A burning squid: /disguise squid setBurning true
    • A mushroom cow: /disguise mushroom_cow
    • A burning mushroom cow: /disguise mushroom_cow setBurning true
    • A zombie: /disguise zombie
    • A burning zombie: /disguise zombie setBurning true

    Tier 9 Disguises

    All previously mentioned disguises and:

    • A horse: /disguise horse
    • A burning horse: /disguise horse setBurning true
    • A baby horse: /disguise horse setBaby true
    • A tamed horse: /disguise horse setTamed true
    • A styled horse: /disguise horse setStyle

    Tier 10 Disguises

    All previously mentioned disguises and:

    • A giant: /disguise giant
    • A burning giant: /disguise giant setBurning true
    • A villager: /disguise villager
    • A baby villager: /disguise villager setAdult false
    • A burning villager: /disguise villager setBurning true
    • A witch: /disguise witch
    • A burning witch: /disguise witch setBurning true
    • A zombie villager: /disguise zombie_villager
    • A baby zombie villager: /disguise zombie_villager setAdult false
    • A skeleton: /disguise skeleton
    • A burning skeleton: /disguise skeleton setBurning true
    • + Disguise as a wither skeleton: /disguise wither_skeleton
    • A burning wither_skeleton: /disguise wither_skeleton setBurning true
    • A pig zombie: /disguise pig_zombie
    • A burning pig zombie: /disguise pig_zombie setBurning true
    • A silverfish: /disguise silverfish
    • A burning silverfish: /disguise silverfish setBurning true
    • A iron golem: /disguise iron_golem
    • A burning iron golem: /disguise iron_golem setBurning true
    • A bat: /disguise bat
    • A burning bat: /disguise bat setBurning true
    Villager professions: /disguisehelp VillagerProfessions

    Impersonator Perk

    The impersonator perk allows you to disguise as another player. Disguising as a staff member will result in a permanent server ban.

    • /d player <player>
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