Where does my thread belong?

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12 February 2013
Tier 10
This thread is used to help newer members or confused members know where to post certain kinds of threads

General Off-Topic:

A place to talk about anything non-server related.
Such as:
Other video games

A place to post and share art, where there are sometimes competitions.

Creative Writing:

A place to post and share your stories, where there are sometimes competitions.

Screenshots and Videos:

A place to share your server screenshots and videos.
Such as:
Funny Screenshots of something in game.
Screenshots or videos that throw back.

Forum games:

A place for Forum based games to keep you and others entertained.

Feedback and Suggestions:

A place for suggestions, praise, rants, and complaints about the server/forum or the community.
Such as:
A rule change idea
An idea to make the server better
Something nice to say
Something that you think isn't right on the server


A place to ask for or give help about problems or issues regarding the server.
Such as:
Issues on the server
Bugs and glitches
Questions about the server

Subsection - Tutorials & Help:

A place for helpful pages and tutorials made by the community.​

Chat moderator applications:

A place for Information about chat moderator applications.

Subsection - Submissions:

A place to post chat moderator applications through Google Forms.​

Server Discussion:

A place to discuss the various aspects of the server.
Such as:
Information about something new on the server
Information about something that might affect the server

Reports information:

A place with information on how to report players.

Subsection - Reports:

A place to report players for breaking the server rules.​

Appeals information:

A place with information on how to make an appeal.

Subsection - Appeals:

A place to submit permanent server, teamspeak, or shoutbox bans and/or mute appeals.​

Build Discussion and Building Ideas:

A place to share ideas and suggestions for builds.

Building Tips:

A place to share tips to help building, or see some helpful tips from the community.

Build Contests:

Home of the monthly building contests held by staff.

Build Screenshots:

A place to share screenshots of your favourite builds on the server.

Build Team Recruitment:

A place where community build teams can recruit more members.

Build Team Contests:

A place where contests are held between build teams.

Roleplay Recruitment:

A place where community members can recruit for roleplay projects.

Roleplay Ideas:

A place where roleplay ideas can be viewed and shared for the community.