[Vote Contest #1]

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skippy mcdinglechalk
18 November 2018
Hello everyone!

So for the first time in Edawg878, we will begin to start hosting vote competitions! Very simple to join, easy way to keep on-top of your credits so you can redeem them in-game, and helps our server grow bigger by the minute! Each vote contest will include 3 winners (Where Ties may happen), and each vote contest will be held every month!

How vote contests work is in-order to win, you have to vote on every single vote link listed below (All 5 Working Vote Links) so on the last day of the month, whoever has voted the most wins! All of your voting will be tracked, which is how winners are picked. Below, you will find all 5 working vote links for you to vote on:

Vote Links:

As stated above, winners are picked by the amount of voting they have. The 1st place winner(s) will receive $15 in-store credit, 2nd place winner(s) will receive $10 in-store credit, and 3rd place winner(s) will recieve $5 in-store credit. This Month's Vote Contest will End June 30th, 2019. All winners must discord me ( @kyle#1319 ) by the end of the next contest or they will not receive their prize for the winning contest. Each winner will be announced under the vote contest forum message (so under this message) at the end of each month.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and happy voting!
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