Ten Random Facts About Me.

11 March 2018
Hey! My name is Trinity, but you guys are going to most likely know me as Nowodle_Of_Truth. I'm a moderator on Edawg. Here are ten random facts about me.

1. My birthday is December 7th, 2001.
2. I am the oldest out of five siblings.
3. My favorite color is teal.
4. My favorite animals are snakes and cats.
5. I'm terrified of needles.
6. I have a dog named Summer.
7. My favorite type of foods are pasta.
8. My favorite type of pizza is pineapple and pepperoni. (Don't hurt me.)
9. I've had three surgeries. One on my back and the other two on my hips.
10. Two bands that I like are Imagine Dragons and Glass Animals.

If you want to reply with your own ten facts about yourself, go ahead! I'd love to get to know everyone better.