Closed Team Fycius - This is the incorrect thread

22 September 2016
This is a thread for applications to team Fycius. [It's in the title, which I suggest people read before posting here] Keep it as that, thanks.

We do not support or instigate completely unnecessary, unfounded drama. We build islands and whatnot.
22 September 2016
IGN *: Shawn123p
Previous Names *: shawn123p (lowercase s)
Areas of Expertise *: Traditional, modern, and suburban style builds, I also do yachts.
Previous Teams *: Owned OBS, was part of Astrium for a little while too.
Skype *: Shawn123p.underscorepanda
Location of examination (Plot Numbers) *: I wouldn't recommend looking at my plots, there really isn't anything there, instead I've linked my build portfolio
Portfolio/Images of previous builds:

Thanks for applying, your modern building skills are developing a really interesting style. It's worth mentioning that there is a fine line between making things look clean and making things look simple which I feel like you're really coming along with. For this application, it was kind of difficult to gauge the level of the builds because of the shaders but from what I could tell your builds are simple but effective.

If this team specialised in modern building or ship building, I could definitely see the strong potential in you as a candidate, but I'm not really seeing much that shows me how well-rounded you are. It seems like you're really proud of one aspect of building but not really of building as a whole, if that makes sense...for example, I can't really see any terra or non-standard shaped structures at all: your roofs are all perfect diagonal slants and walls are quite square and flatsided, though some sides show some depth it doesnt occur around all sides. I'd like to see you push the boat out [forgive the pun] and take on builiding projects that are not in your comfort zone. Feel free to reapply with a more varied portfolio, I'd love to see it, but for this application as it is, I'm going to have to decline.
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19 August 2019
I am the lucky one to pick the winner for March It was great to see so many participate in my challenge Thank you

The lucky winner is.......


Please contact Sandy for your prize
9 August 2019
Thanks for starting this thread

What is the ultimate goal with the UI for the redeployment screen?

Will we be able to see/utilize more information in the future?

Sometimes the text on the redeployment screen blocks access to some points and vehicles.