Recruiting Team Cypher

Among many other build teams, Cypher enters the crowd.
As leader of Team Cypher I am hoping to make a positive and friendly enviroment
for builders.
Building is a way of everyone's art, though we will be choosing people that we feel are willing
to commit to our team and will never give up.

Current Roster

AussieMemelord - Owner

Flaffels - Co-Owner
Nymphadoraslupin - Head Terraformer

Builder's Application

In-Game User:



Why You Wish To Join Us:

Proof Of Your Builds:
Have You Been In A Build Team Before?:

How Active Are You On The Server?:

How Active Are You Willing To Be Building?:

What Build Style(s) Are You Best At?:
Any Other Information You Would Like Me To Know?:

22 June 2015
My house
I wish you good luck with your team! Just a bit of advice that is the same with many other build teams that are just starting up you could add some detail such as how your team operates, your goals, etc.