Small introduction


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20 March 2019
Hello there! My name is Gab and I'm just a spanish guy.
I have been playing Minecraft since 2014/2015 (I'm not quite sure xD). I used to play on pvp only servers (2014/15), but I got bored and started playing on other games. I went back to Minecraft in 2017 and I joined a spanish creative server. I was one of the top players for a year until the sv died so i left. Then I played on a Towny server, i really liked it so I stayed there for over a year. However, the owner of that sv left and the new owner made the sv too much p2w and I got bored of Towny so i decided to leave it.

Soo here I am. I love the sv, the community is friendly, and the plots are BIG >:D I'm looking forward to playing and chatting with you people!
About me:
I enjoy running; every morning I go to run around my town. I like studying (yea i'm serious lol), so don't expect me playing when the exam dates are close! I love eating, I enjoy every moment while i'm eating. I love all kinds of dishes, american, chinese, all of them. The only food I don't like is cream cheese.

Well thats enough for now! See you later!!