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8 November 2017
hey there, i know it's not in my part to tell you all what to do with the server, but as someone who has played on edawg since around 2014-15 (ignore the time when this account was created)

i just want to say that skyblock, in which has already been failed once, due to the fact it had no way to advance, there is a way to advance now but it's absolutely terrible in my opinion and i'm sure many others would agree with me, if i were you i would install a GUI shop plugin and have (almost, so no barriers, bedrock,command blocks, etc) every block available to be bought as well as the /sell command or the ability to sell in the shop GUI which make it less of a living hell for players to find items they need in the shop at spawn (there isn't a clear way of knowing which area is which, let alone the lack of items in the buildings.

As well as this, i would also suggest that you add the Ore Gen plugin which has a random chance to spawn an ore in place of cobblestone when generated via cobblestone generator, this would help boost the how enjoyable the experience of skyblock on edawg in which most players are used to as most players find it difficult to start off if they have to grind cobblestone to actually be able to progress through the wonder in which is skyblock, we all know that most players don't want to grind on a small floating island in which they basically only have access to wood and cobblestone for the first few hours.

if you actually want skyblock to be a running success and not to go down in a downwards spiral, you should add the plugins in which i have suggested, one which enables a shop GUI, the ability to sell easily and quickly which is already an existing command which just needs configuration, just no players have permission to do so, i would also add spawners with the aid of a variety of different plugins, e.g. Silk Spawners, which would help boost the economy and the enjoy-ability of playing skyblock on edawg, you want this server to be successful? listen to the players, us veterans usually know what's right for the server, don't ignore this suggestion. for the sake of trying to keep skyblock active.

With love
~ Michael (aka PanPotato)

p.s. you might want to disable the limited amount of commands in seconds for all commands relevant to shops if you get the GUI shop, also with the signs currently implemented as the "shops" as of right now. but hey, it's not my part to tell you all what to do with the server, it's up to how much you actually care about the server.