Art Competition September Art Competition!


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Jun 24, 2015
Calling all artists! Another art competition is launching after 2 long months of anticipation!

The theme this month is...​


Now everyone has their different version of paradise. Whether it be a depiction of a Utopian society, or a tropical island, or a wilderness resort, or even a fond memory, everyone has their own interpretation and their own taste of paradise. Tell us with your art (not your words!) what paradise means to you!

If you're stuck, think of places that make you happy. Places where you could spend days, weeks, months, even the rest of your life! Think of places that make you relax and smile. Bonus points if your art also depicts your emotions/thoughts when you think of your paradise.​

The rules of this competition are as follows:
  1. Your forum username must be located on the image. A photo-shopped or copy and pasted typed version of your user will not be accepted. Your name does not count, it must be your user.
  2. You can only enter one (1) image to the competition. Changes of entries are permitted but please edit your original post instead of making a new one.
  3. Joke entries will eliminate you from final judging should you create a serious entry afterward.
  4. All artwork must be your own. You may use references but tutorials and copying images made by others is not permitted.
  5. All forms of artwork listed are permitted: Drawing (paper or digital), painting, clay work, charcoal. (Please message me if there is another art medium/type I have missed!).
  6. This is not a Photoshop art or photography competition.
*Failure to abide by these rules will cause disqualifications.

The first place prize will be a forum tag letting users know you won an art competition.
There will be three (3) honourable mentions named with the winner.

Your deadline is September 30th!

If you have any inquiries, please message me privately through the forums.
I look forward to seeing your entries!

Good luck!


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Jul 21, 2017
your imagination
I need to put my signature on it, that's hard. I'm entering soon. Most of my stuff is based on special effects. Special effects is NOT photoshop. Photoshop is basically putting yourself in an image. Special effects is adding something cool, like a Demogorgon from stranger things, next to you in an image. I know it's kinda similar, but it's not photoshop.

This image here is a perfect example of how photoshop is not special effects. The light coming from the hole, the hole, all those roots, the darkness, Eleven being affected by the light, the dust, door having a reflection of the other- WAIT A SECOND... You can make out the set and stuff in the reflection of the glass door. Wow. but the reflection of Eleven on the locker, that's all special effects. Now this is a photoshopped image:

He put another image into another image. That's it. Nothing else. So now you know,
Photoshop = putting an image inside of an image and making it fit
Special effects = making things that don't exist exist via things like blender and using effects to make things seem real in TV
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