Story porcelain clay cup.


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10 March 2019
i made a porcelain clay cup today.
its handle was broken, even though i didn’t make it that way.
i made a porcelain clay cup today.
i threw it on the floor, since the cracks didnt behave.

and every time i tried to fix it, its scars would still show.
every new layer was another reason for the one below.
to appear again, strongly, and continue its steaming tracks.
then the side fell apart, the front, and then the back.

the porcelain clay cup i made today was a failure.
everyone pointed fingers at me, that bag of broken dry dirt is hers.
its not a prize possession, i threw it across the street.
every broken piece tore apart into a thinner sheet.

and i refuse to try again, to make a porcelain clay cup.
the broken handle i threw away told me to give up.
and the scratches and patches showed that im lonely.
i wish my cup was a trophy.

i am my porcelain clay cup that i made.
because i am made this way.
i have patches and scars, scratches and i don’t behave.
i made a porcelain clay cup today.