Plot Protection

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13 February 2013
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For those who are unaware, the 'benefits' of plot protection means that your plot will not expire after thirty days of plot inactivity. You also cannot clear the plot while it is in this state.

That being said, do not request plot protection unless you need your plot protected. The only point in having your plot protected is if you're planning on being absent for more than a month and your plot actually contains decent builds on it. If you ask for your plot to be protected and then ask us to revert the protection a few days later so that you can clear your plot, you're just going to have to remove everything by hand. I'm not expecting any administrators to unprotect your plot if you recently had it protected; we simply do not have the time to enter a continuous loop of protecting and unprotecting the same plot multiple times in one month.
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Not open for further replies.