Recruiting My Hero Academia Roleplay (Needs Builders.)

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11 March 2018
Hey! Noodle_Of_Truth here. After falling in love with the manga and anime called My Hero Academia I decided to make a roleplay based around it's concept. If you don't know what it is about that's fine. I'll explain it to you in a moment. The only problem is that the set of the anime/manga is HUGE. I'm going to need some help building the entire thing!

I'm going to explain what it is about in spoilers. There are also some other things I should tell you all about the plot in advance.
My Hero Academia takes place in Japan. In this world having a supernatural ability, more popularly known as a quirk, is completely normal in everyday society. Only 20% of the human population do not possess a quirk, while the other 80% possess an amazing ability. It can be something as simple as having wings to being able to lift buildings with your mind or shoot fire out of your hands.

With these powers come great responsibility. After these quirks began emerging more people kept causing crimes. Those people are called villains. Now there are Pro Heroes, people who fight the villains and keep the citizens safe from harm.

Now that the explanation is out of the way let me tell you some things you should know about the roleplay.

-The setup of the roleplay is going to be kind of like /warp Hogwarts. The people roleplaying are not going to get added and there is no roleplay board. You pick a character to roleplay as and you roleplay them.

-This is also going to be a long-term roleplay so if the roleplay ends and then opens back up the next day it is still the same roleplay. You don't choose new characters.

-OCs, Canon My Hero Academia characters, and characters from other fandoms are all allowed.

-Canon My Hero Academia characters have to be reserved.

-If there are two different people who want to be the same character they have to do a 'roleplay battle' and the person who roleplays the canon character the best wins and gets to claim the spot.

Now that you know how the roleplay is going to work, I need to tell you the main problem. I need builders. If anyone wants to help me build this roleplay that would be absolutely amazing!

Things already built-
-Class 1-A Dorm room. (Still need the other ones built)
-The exterior of the U.A (still need to do the inside.)

Want to help? Here's how you sign up.
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Examples of your previous builds:

How active are you?:

For all who have read this far and want to help me build or support the roleplay, thank you so much!
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