hiii :)


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whats crack-a-lackin' people

- hi hi hi my names sophia and I am one of your current moderators for this amazing server :)
- In June, ima be turning 14 ( people say this is too young but I'm responsible and mature when i need to be so dont be mean k love you <3)
- Ive been a fan of the one and only <3 taylor swift <3 since i was like 4, im also a huge fangirl of camila cabello and shawn mendes (embarrassing i know)
- I was born and still live in australiaaa
- My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite food is bananas!
- Im really into guitar and piano
- I make instagram edits with adobe after effects
- my discord is heartmilas#4214 so dm any questions you'd like <3

PS. im not sure how, but alot of you guys have found my personal instagram and been messaging me, as cute as it is please DO NOT go looking for it or dm me, its my personal for a reason <3