22 June 2013
Hey, I might be an old player but I thought I'd make an introduction!
I'm known as either Birdie or Jade, I've been playing since 2013, at first I was rather shy, which is okay, I'm always shy when I join a server for the first time but I did know some others from another server which I will not state for obvious reasons.
When I first joined, I didn't involve myself in the rps and such very much, I tended to build more build comps and random things, eventually when I warmed up and became comfortable I did go to rps and build my own, I remember building a massive high school rp with a friend, the school was a cube but the inside was pretty filled with pretty accurate [british] school subjects and rooms...ah memories...anyway let's move on.
EDawg was actually the server I learnt to use world edit on, I knew what it was and what it did but not how to use it to my advantage, that of course was until I came to EDawg and now I use it effortlessly, very helpful to build big massive mountains to put my caves in!
I've made a lot of friends on here too, one reason I never abandoned the server, I had breaks occasionally, especially around when I hosted rps almost every day because it stressed me out, people asking me to open it when I just wanted to aimlessly fly around...or the actual hosting and getting them peeps who will complain about how long it is taking to open but I mean, I always say the longer you wait the better it will be but will edawg players ever learn patience?

I'd also like to take apart of my introduction to welcome newer players, I hope you enjoy your stay however long you decide to stay, we can be a welcoming and kind community when we feel like it ^-^