Hello from the past!


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9 May 2016
Right Behind You
Dear EDawg878 Server,

My name is Airesto, but you can just call me Air if you want. Whatever works for you. I go by pretty much anything. I have been a part of this community for at least 4 years. I honestly can't remember the day that I joined the server. All I remember is that I joined when this was a factions server.
I was born in Russia and lived there until I was roughly 3 1/2. I know right? CRAZY!!! Don't ask me to speak Russian though. I can't. I was adopted and I moved to Connecticut. I lived there until I finished third grade and then moved to Michigan. I switched schools a total of five times in my life. All good schools. Just each of them had different things that suited me. I am a gymnast and like to do it often. I also love to play video games and other stuff.
I hope to be a part of this community more as I have grown further from it with work and school taking priority in my life. That's all. When I sat down to write this, I thought that I was going to write an essay but it turned out to be a couple paragraphs. I love you all. Bye.