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9 January 2015

Full list of Rules

In order to provide a safe, enjoyable and peaceful environment for everyone, we must set out
some rules for all players to follow. If the rules are not followed, punishments will be given out by
members of staff of the server in order to discourage future behaviour of that kind.
When a player is given a warning, it is logged on their record for one month. After one month the warn is removed.
If you receive another warning less than one month after that warn, it will automatically increase the
punishment from a warn into a mute, the full list of warning actions is as follows:

1st warn: Logged warning
2nd warn: Mute for 5 minutes
3rd warn: - 30 minute
4th warn: Mute for 1 hour
5th warn: Mute for 1 day
6th warn: Mute for 1 week
7th warn: Mute for 1 month
8th warn: Permanent mute

Frequently Asked Questions:
Where can I appeal a punishment given to me? You can fill out an appeal form by clicking here.
Where can I report any rule breaking I witness on the server when no staff member was online? You can fill out a report form by clicking
here remember to include evidence and a time of when the incident occured.
What is private message? It is when a player privately messages another player using a command such as /msg [player] [message]
What is plot chat? It is when a player does /plot chat and their chat is only sent to players on the same plot as them. Commonly used for roleplays.

List of Server Rules:
Warning/Mute offences:
All offences listed here you will be warned for and if you continue, the warning will automatically turn into a mute.

No Excessive Caps:
- Do not send messages in global chat that contain excessive amounts of caps.
No Spamming:
- Do not send the same message in chat three or more times. Spamming is not allowed in global chat, plot chat or private message.

No Flooding the Chat:
- Do not send random letters in chat, say lots of random words or say long hashtags. e.g Player: jgaoghagshgseosfjsagfhafoa
No Encouraging Spam:
- Encouraging spam is when a player says for example "say 123 if you like trains" and the whole chat spams "123", it causes spam. This is not allowed.
No Swearing or Profanity:
- No saying, mentioning or referencing any swear words in global chat, plot chat or private message. This does not include acronyms, however, acronyms in some cases can still count as disrespect if directed at someone else.
No Inappropriate chat:
- No discussing any inappropriate topics or mentioning anything inappropriate anywhere on the server, this includes sexual chat, drug talk, references to suicide or violent talk. It is up to the staff online to decide if a topic is inappropriate.
No Controversial topics in chat:
- No discussion of any controversial topics such as genders, LGBT, race, anything that might start an argument or debate in global chat. This is to ensure no arguments start in chat. It is up to the staff online to decide if a topic is controversial and you must stop if they ask you to.
No Inappropriate roleplays:
- Roleplays that contain excessive violence or inappropriate topics such as a slave roleplay, you can ask staff if you are unsure if a roleplay is inappropriate or not.
No Disrespecting any other players:
- No disrespecting anyone else on the server, this includes players and staff. It also includes certain acronyms, for example saying "stfu player" counts as disrespect and you can be warned for it. (Staff count as players, so no staff disrespect either)
No Threatening Behaviour:
- Behaviour that is threatening or verbally threatening players or the server to hack, lag, damage or crash the server or other players.
No Encouraging other players to break the rules:
- An example is telling players that a rule is not a rule when it is so that player goes ahead and breaks the rule or another example if no staff are online, "break the rules no staff are online".
No Sharing, distributing or asking for any players or your own personal information:
- No giving out your own or another player's personal info such as phone numbers, names, age, social media, address etc (You may give out your own name if you wish or age, but not address as it is too personal and risky). You also are not allowed to ask a player for their personal info.
No Impersonating any staff:
- No abusing the impersonator perk to impersonate staff or mislead players into thinking you are staff.
No Telling any lies about other players:
- No telling lies about anyone on the server when you know the information is false and it leads to that player's reputation being damaged or harassment to that player.
No Bypassing the filter:
- No attempting to bypass the filter e.g if the word house was blocked and you wrote h**se, that is bypassing the filter.
No Inciting drama:
- No starting arguments or heated debates in global chat, it just makes the chat a miserable and horrible place and divides the community, so it is not allowed.

Muting/Banning offences:
All offences listed here you will be muted for as a minimum or banned for either temporarily or permanently.

No Racism, Homophobic, Sexism or Prejudice behaviour:
- This kind of behaviour does not belong on EDawg878 and will not be tolerated. If you are caught, you may be muted as a minimum and eventually banned.
No Bullying other players:
- This kind of behaviour does not belong on EDawg878 and will not be tolerated. If you are caught, you may be muted as a minimum and eventually banned.
No Advertising any other server names, realms, IP's, links to any other servers or recruiting players to join your server or asking for other servers:
- No mentioning in global chat, plot chat, private message, via sign or any form on the server a server IP, name, realm, link to another server or recruiting players to join your server. You are also not allowed to ask for another servers name, IP or info about it. Discussing other servers is also prohibited.
No Griefing another players plot:
- No destroying, ruining, vandalising another players plot. Only a plot owner can report a grief on their own plot.
No Intent to damage the server, crashing or lagging the server or other players::
- No exploiting any glitches you find on the server (all glitches should be reported immediately). Also no crashing players or making players lag out.
No Inappropriate skins, usernames or builds:
- No building anything inappropriate, wearing a vulgar or inappropriate skin on the server or logging in with an inappropriate username.
No Bypassing any punishment given to you:
- This includes bypassing a mute via signs or building letters using blocks or bypassing a ban with an alternate account.

List of Website Rules:
- All server rules apply

List of Discord Rules:
- All server rules apply​
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