EDawg878 Awards 2019

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22 April 2019
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Hello fellow players of EDawg878, I have some exciting news. This year, I will be announcing the first ever (yes, the first!) EDawg878 Awards!

11 - Theater (Seating View).png
/warp Awards
You may ask, what are the EDawg878 Awards? Well, I'll explain it for you. The EDawg878 Awards is an award ceremony, where you can vote for the person who you think suits the award best (for example: Funniest Staff Member: Mireiia). More information on this will follow up below, so no worries!

Your hosts will be:
Main Host

@BusMan215 and @myemmagination

Secondly, I would like to give a big shout-out to the builders of this event!
Big thanks to @Josh (JJ0SH) for building all the exterior!
And a big thanks to @SteinV15 for building the entire interior!

  • All EDawg878 rules apply, obviously.
  • You may not vote for youself.
  • You must sign your books. Unsigned books will not be counted as votes and will be removed.


Staff Awards
  • Funniest Staff Member
  • Friendliest Staff Member
  • Most Savage Staff Member
  • Most Active Staff Member
  • Emperor & Empress Admin
  • King & Queen Senior Moderator
  • Prince & Princess Moderator
Non-Staff Awards
  • Friendliest Player
  • The 'Joker'
  • Best Ex-Staff Member
  • Most Savage Ex-Staff Member
  • Best Roleplay Owner
  • Best Skin
  • Best Username
  • Best Builder
  • Most Popular Player
  • Best Singer
  • OG Player
  • Newest Player
  • Social Butterfly
  • Biggest Introvert
  • Most Savage Player
  • Prom King & Queen
Other Awards
  • Best Event (such as Karaoke and Hide 'n Seek)
  • Best Server (such as C1, C2, S1, etc.)

The Awards will be held on November 3, 5PM UTC.

Voting is opened now. The voting system has two stages:
Stage 1
This stage is an open vote. You can vote for anyone you want to. Voting for this stage will close October 23.

Stage 2
In this stage, the top 3 of each award will be selected and posted above the award. You will then be able to vote for one of the 3 players stated. From there, a winner will be picked. Voting for this stage will start October 24th. Voting will close November 1, at 9PM UTC. Any votes submitted after this time will be invalid.

How do you vote?
You can vote by going on the server and doing /warp Awards. You can then enter the building and go to your right. You will eventually reach the voting area. Here are some steps:
  1. Take out a book and write the username you wish to vote for in the book.
  2. Sign the book (unsigned books are invalid votes).
  3. Drop the book in the specific award's hopper.

Other Information
  • You will be able to reserve seats. You can reserve your seats in the hallway towards the theater. There, you will find further information on how to reserve seats.
  • These awards are just for fun, so you won't be able to win anything official, but you will have the bragging right.
  • You are allowed to "advertize" yourself for the award (for example: "Vote me as best builder at /warp Awards!).
  • In the Non-Staff category, you can still vote for staff members. Only in the following awards, you will not be able to vote for staff members: Best Ex-Staff Member // Most Savage Ex-Staff Member // Most Popular Player // Most Savage Player // Prom King & Queen.
Here are some pictures of what the plot looks like:

The Outside:
1 - Front.png
13 - Canal.png

The Entrance:
2 - Entrance.png

The Voting Area:
3 - Voting Area (Player Awards).png

Big Hall:
7 - Big Hall.png

The Restaurant:
8 - Restaurant.png

The Theater:
11 - Theater (Seating View).png

I really hope to see you all there! <3
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22 April 2019
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The first voting stage has ended today! This means the second voting stage will begin!
The top 3 of each award have been listed at the specific awards at /warp Awards, but I will also state the top 3 of each award down below:

Staff Awards
  • Funniest Staff: myemmagination // DoogiePC // Mireiia
  • Friendliest Staff: myemmagination // Tay8481228 // Eralious
  • Most Savage Staff: DoogiePC // Sammwiches // prawda
  • Most Active Staff: Eralious // myemmagination // prawda
  • Emperor & Empress Admin: Shaunaaa // Shawn123p // BusMan215
  • King & Queen Senior Moderator: myemmagination // Mireiia // dreambringer
  • Prince & Princess Moderator: Lightes_1nsanity // Eralious // wojo411

Non-Staff Awards
  • Friendliest Player: Lightes_1nsanity // spoopyrei // bowieebaby
  • The 'Joker': vorny // spoopyrei // SimplyIssac
  • Best Ex-Staff Member: Zuluku // Mastergle // TSB_Brit
  • Most Savage Ex-Staff Member: _rubyy // broodpudding // whiteruns
  • Best Roleplay Owner: Eralious // myemmagination // JackoLachy
  • Best Skin: DoogiePC // carpetedkitchen // broodpudding
  • Best Username: myemmagination // MangOwOs // Forfeited
  • Best Builder: SteinV15 // broodpudding // FlowerAnthology
  • Most Popular: carpetedkitchen // EDawg878 // vorny
  • Best Singer: Mireiia // Lightes_1nsanity // mhuzz
  • OG Player: EDawg878 // broodpudding // carpetedkitchen
  • Newbie Player: Lightes_1nsanity // 4mins // OneRealKieran
  • Social Butterfly: Tay8481228 // Zuluku // tufan2010
  • Biggest Introvert: DarkKillerSoul // Lightes_1nsanity // Joel73323
  • Most Savage Player: broodpudding // taylah_ // Big_Smoke1990
  • Prom King & Queen: vorny // sageiga // broodpudding

Good luck voting on the second voting stage! (Voting ends November 1, at 9PM UTC!!)