Screenshots County of Sipton [Medieval / Fantasy]


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25 June 2019
Hello All!

For the past five months, ever since I joined the server, I've been working on my one and only C2 plot. This has been a massive undertaking and has undergone many different iterations.

Originally meant to be a castle siege build, it evolved into a twin village county build, where there was a very medieval styled village (Gilderhill) and a more fantasy styled build (Cerilian.) Every building includes its own interior and I tried to add a few secrets through a couple of them.

I want to update the plot every now and again, adding secrets, custom trees, and other small bits to it. But I can finally call it finished!

Once I get all the mechanics set up, I plan to open it as a recurring, player-run story strict RP, with a few small prompts by yours truly, where players can return to the plot at any time, and hopefully can pick up where their character left off.

This would, of course, require enough players to play on the plot at any given time, but it's an experiment that I haven't seen done on EDawg before.

Without any further ado, the plot!

-All Builds Including Terraforming was done by hand-
SorrySarah has now helped with a few of the trees (with some small edits by myself)! TYSM!

If you want to explore the plot yourself, don't hesitate to go to /p h wereyoi on C2

My first attempts at customizing a few of the trees on the plot per suggestions by visitors.

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