Contest Ended [Contest #41] Christmas in the year 2100

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Jan 9, 2015

Now we all know the holiday season is right around the corner, does anyone else hear the sleigh bells?
This competition is largely based on imagination, and there are many many ways to build this contest. You are tasked with creating a Christmas plot based in the year 2100, imagine what you think the future will look like and incorporate it into your builds. Will we have new traditions? Will the world be a barren wasteland? Will it be a utopian city covered in snow and Christmas lights? It's up to you!

Applications are open from now until December 24th. submissions sent after this date will not be judged. Judging also begins December 24th

♣ You may work in teams of 4 and NO more (Santa Claus must decide who gets the prize)

♣ Stealing/Copying works of other players is against the rules and will result in punishment, and disqualification.
♣ The build MUST follow the theme.
♣ Remember to stay on the nice list! Inappropriate builds are not allowed.
♣ No recycling builds! All entries must be built new. There is plenty of time!

- How to Enter -
go onto the plot you would like to use and do /contest join to enter.
/contest leave to remove your entry.

- Prizes -

1st Place -
$50 Store Credit

2nd Place -
$20 Store Credit

3rd Place -
$10 Store Credit

- Information -

Entries that win in-store credit, must ask for their coupon code which can be used in the server store to buy a tier, perk, pet etc for free.

Any requests for judging in a resource pack PM me, leave the link in your entry, or on the plot on a sign.

No time will be given after December 24th
All builds will be judged, regardless of the state.
Judging will be based on creativity, and relevance to the theme.

jingle bells jingle bells
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Nov 18, 2018
Hello everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest this month! Unfortunately, we will only have 1 winner for this contest. Due to contest builds either finished but violating one of our contest rules, or unfinished builds we have come to the conclusion that we will only be handing out a 1st place winner. Please remember to review and keep in mind all build contest rules, as we post them on the contest theme forum.

The winner of this months contest build is D3_CENT! He has built Christmas in Venice: Year 2100. When you first enter his plot, you see a little blur that reads "In year 2058, scientists tried reversing global warming. It had a reversed effect which became known as Global Freezing. Now in 2100, even places like Venice in Italy are frozen." Then from one end to another, was Venice as everyone knows the one river that flows from one end to another, where the river is covered with ice, the sidewalks are snowy, and everyone is having a good time. The buildings are very detailed, and much time as been put into this build. Attached to this message is photos of his build, and always feel free to ask D3_CENT to see his build! A $50 In-store credit will be awarded to him as well. Congratulations to D3_CENT!

I will be posting the next contest after Christmas, but for now I would like everyone to take this time to relax and to spend time with your loved ones this holiday season. I hope everyone here has a very merry Christmas, and everyone here has a happy holidays!​


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