BlipPC and Sqdnia's Manifesto. (The Boys Party.)

BlipPC and SqdNia’s Manifesto
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The Boys are back in town.

Why we are Running
Our motivation for running is simple. We wish to make the server a far more casual environment with less restrictions on what the average player can do.

Our focus is on the community at large, primarily what players want out of the server. For example, we intend to implement a user-side chat censoring system; the likes of which have been done numerous times before but not on Edawg.

A user-side censoring system would allow players to use profanity in global and local chats whilst maintaining the family-friendly nature of the server and catering to those who dislike such language.

Amongst our other motivations, we are additionally focusing on improving the structure of staff. We’re aware that a variety of players are displeased with the way certain staff handle matters and we intend on resolving such issues; making staff less intrusive.

Our Policies - In Short

Policy One: Fix Worldedit

Policy Two: A Relaxation of the Rules

Policy Three: A more Involved Playerbase

Our Policies


  • We will fix the issues that plague worldedit. That is not a possibility, that is not a consideration. That is a statement and promise. Under our supervision worldedit will be fixed through whatever means necessary, this includes making it less limiting in how it’s used; this is our guarantee.
  • Chat will be less restrictive and more usable. We intend on implementing an aforementioned user-side censor system. This will allow players to decide what content they wish to have blocked from them. This would be manipulated via the settings menu, in which players will be able to manually select what they wish to block; from swears to sexualised terms. This will again, keep the family-friendly nature of the server, whilst also catering to the server’s more mature side of the playerbase.

  • Players will have more. Donors will be given additional credits for voting, thus giving an additional incentive to donate to the server; donors will receive an additional two credits per voting link.
  • All players will receive an additional two plots, whilst increasing the amount of plots received through donations. This will encourage more creativity amongst the player-base and limit them less.
  • As we are both active players, we will be interacting with the community and taking ideas far more than former candidates. Suggestions will be taken, noted and forwarded as they are received.

  • The staff system will be restructured to be made more efficient as well as effective. Such as staff being more geared towards assisting players, being given regular updates on all server details players may request information on. Essentially we would like to rework the staff team from being focused on punishing players, to being focused on helping players.
  • The majority of staff will be kept, however certain staff will be given specific positions and jobs around the server, such as forum moderating, player assistance, etc.
  • Staff will also be informed to act more casual and laid back in general, this will help the atmosphere of the server to feel less restrictive and overall more player friendly.
About Us

Blip’s Experience

I’ve been Moderators on numerous servers on multiple occasions (including Doogie’s previous server, very similar to Edawg.) I’ve been an admin (and the equivalent to admin) on multiple servers also.

Additionally, I was elected as PM twice on Doogie’s previous server (the equivalent to Edawg’s president), serving both terms fully and remain known still as one of the best to hold the position.

I’m familiar with the community and it’s playerbase; having constructed numerous large-scale builds throughout the server.

Finally, I’ve been the owner and manager of two seperate servers throughout my time in the community; ranging from Skyblock to Creative/Survival.

I’m also DoogiePC Gaming, lmao got’em.

SqdNia’s Experience

I have been various different staff positions on various different servers, ranging from co-owner to helper. Instead of talking about each position I have held, I am going to talk about positions that are related to the position we are running for. I have been elected Prime Minister (which was essentially the same position as President on Edawg878) twice on ParadiseNetwork, which was Doogie’s previous server. Additionally I have been Deputy Prime Minister once on ParadiseNetwork.

I also have experience in running servers and staff teams, obviously I’m not going to mention the servers which I helped run, but for a sense of scale they had around 30 players on at any one time. I also have experience in rewriting rules for servers and managing discords, such as my one which has around 200 members currently.

Closing Statements

In conclusion, our primary goal is to make the server better for you; the players. If that means additional work for us, then so be it. If that means less profit going to Doogie, then so be it. If that means that we spend countless hours each night listening to the community, then so be it.

We will do what we have to do to make this server better. Not just for us, but for everyone. Staff and players alike, pleasing you is our primary goal.

All of this is guaranteed, as long as you vote for us. Even if you don’t vote or don’t like to vote, I promise you, your vote matters; to and for everyone.