an overdue introduction


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7 September 2014
Charlotte, North Carolina
what's popping cowboys?

- hi hello my name is morgan and I am currently a moderator for edawg eight seven eight dot com number one creative minecraft server and was promoted december 4th, 2017
- I am 15 as of the 18th of january
- my favourite colours are dark grey, coral blue number three, and celadon
- I do mainly digital art but some traditional if I feel like it, will post some art if requested but for reference, I did draw my profile picture, which is my character Echo
- I'm a quadruplet (three girls one boy) which includes marina, mckinney, and hunter
- love that og staff fam @Mastergle aka my boi garate xox

- I'm very short and have magenta but now mainly pink hair :cowboy:
- my discord is morgan#6299 and my other socials 9 out of 10 times are @syriousness

any questions (personal or server-related) can be asked down below, through discord, DM, etc. I don't mind.