An Introduction

12 October 2015
California, USA
Ok, so this is an introduction to myself and what I like, hobbies, and other things.

Let's start with my personal info. My address is **** *** **** **** and my social security number is ********. My name is Mason but I'm GunSlash on MC. I'm currently 14 but I'll be 15 in Feb. 9th. Some hobbies of mine are dedicating time to my computer so I can try to gain more new Lamborghini's and knowledge. Also playing video games too. Uh, I use FL Studio 20 to make music and sometimes I like skateboarding but I don't have my skateboard right now. Some other things I like doing is playing Basketball but I'm not in a team, though I've been thinking of joining one. I've been playing this server since about 2013, which I believe is a long time for me to be a member of the server. Oh, and another thing I'd like to start learning is coding or programming games. I've seen java courses on hourofcode while I was doing hourofcode block coding for a week in school because it was "Code week" or something. The course was 4 hours long so nope. Anyway I have to go to school in a bit so see ya. Also I'm in High school for anyone wondering but I'm pretty sure no one would be wondering that.

Peace, and thanks for reading.