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28 January 2019
Dr. Bright ran through the halls. Oh no. The thing.. That horrible thing. What has happened? Nobody knows. And so he continued to run. Oh, the amulet pounded upon his chest. Each step he took, fear pulsed through his veins. The grey corridors seemed black. To Bright's dismay, it was chasing him. Whatever the hell that thing was. He could tell. He had SCRAMBLE gear on. He knew what it was. He knew what his superior's classified it as. But he still kept on running. They chased. He reached a door, and closed it behind him. The checkpoint was here. The doors to the Entrance Zone were open and there were bodies on the floor, fresh. But he still ran. He closed the door behind him. This was almost over. That stupid AI was out, though. And it could destroy the entire internet and the facility. He needed to get out. And so he ran. Past corridor, past office, past everything. There was no turning back. However, to his dismay, the door slammed shut in front of him. Oh no. The door behind him shut.. and the vents started flooding with water. Bright realized what was going on, and he was devising a plan. Well, he could break the doors. Rip off the key card insertion slot and bust it open manually. That was his best chance. He went and he slammed it with his body. Oh, how it snapped. It hurt like hell, but he still continued. He tripped the door's wire and ran the hell out. The AI couldn't catch him just yet. And so, he ran, doors closing behind him. There it was. Gate A. It was there. He went to insert his keycard into it, and it accepted. The doors opened, and he ran to the elevator. Not caring about anything else. And when the elevator's doors ticked open, there it was. The evacuation area. He had made it just in time...
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