5 years of EDawg, what's changed?


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22 October 2014
The dark side of the moon
So, I've been playing EDawg for quite a long time, I joined just before my 10th birthday, and I am now 15, I joined EDawg in 2014, and I joined minecraft in 2012, so yeah, it's safe to say that I've been here since about 1.6 or 1.7, and in that time, I've seen a lot of change, I'm mainly gonna go over some of the major changes I've seen, mostly from my prime days around 2016

In 2014 I first joined EDawg878, it was around 1.7 however I don't remember much from the 2014 - 2015 era, I can't remember the staff or some of the players, but some of you reading this may remember. 2014 was the year I started experimenting with Multiplayer, back then, I wasn't the best behaved when it comes to minecraft, I enjoyed griefing, something that I stopped doing when I was banned from this server, 10 year old me was a bit of a moron. I was banned for quite a long time until I finally bought an unban from the store, this was also before I had minecraft on any other PC other than the decade old heap of garbage in the study of my grandad, (I didn't have a laptop back then), and I started playing basically every time I was round there, again I hardly know much about it so I'm gonna skip about what happened here. 2016 Was a great year for me, it was the year I learnt how to build (good structures), this is a screenshot of my first detailed house from the original thread:

This was at my 2nd plot (at the time) and I felt very proud when I built it, the structure actually still stands as well at my 3rd plot (I think)
This server taught me how to build basically (well, it directed me to a certain channel where I learnt how to build), and with out it, I wouldn't be building like I do today, while there are a few things I could improve on now (the farm and that weird crane thing), I was very proud when I finished this project, and I still think it holds up compared to my builds today.
2016 was also the year Brit left us and was replaced with Ryan (my memory isn't great so that may be wrong) and this, this is where we start going down hill.
Player count went down, in 2016 at peak times, we could have about 500-600 players and it'd be filled with roleplays and skin comps and that, but slowly that number decreased, and by the end of 2017 at peak times we'd only get around 100 if we're lucky, and so, I left the server.
2018 rolled around and I decided to return, but the place felt quiet, the days with roleplays and skin comps flooding the chat was gone, 2018 was rather empty, sometimes it'd only be me and a few other players, however, around October 2018, EDawg878 was sold, a lot of changes happened, DoogiePC became the sole owner, no more co-owners and that, also in around early this year, we merged with ParadiseNetwork, another creative server just like EDawg, EDawg has been brought back, chat is a lot more active and we often get new players. The future looks bright for EDawg!

So there you have it, some of the major changes I remember, feel free to fill in any gaps that I might have missed due to a bad memory, and I didn't want to cover any arguments I might have had with players, that stuff shouldn't be brought up and it wont be.

So, if you've read my profile, you'll know that I'm taking a break, I've been a bit burnt out on EDawg, I tried to focus on the building contest but then lost all ideas, I may come onto survival or design more trains on C2 (can't have enough trains) or work on something other than the mall I was gonna enter into the contest, so yeah, I'll see ya when I come back, probably in a few weeks after school ends, goodbye!