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  1. jorjy

    Discord Suggestions.

    -A channel dedicated to memes. -A channel dedicated to pets (seems to be a common thing to sure your pets in the art channel) -The ability to be able to post links in building (useful for showing a lot of pictures of builds instead of spamming the chat with photos)
  2. jorjy

    Praise Dear Doogie.

    Can you please teach me how to dougie? @DoogiePC Aye! aye! Teach me how to dougie (aye!) They be like DoogiePC (what?) Can you teach me how to dougie? You know why? Cause all da women love me (aye) All I need is a beat that's super bumpin' And for you, you, you to back it up and dougie! Put...
  3. jorjy

    Ranked building.

    I am suggesting that there is a separate server with smaller plots (very hard for a lot of the community to cover a full 512x512plot) and there is ranks for the better and worse building, a grading system. The ranks could go from D- to A+ and be awarded that rank from some of the servers best...
  4. jorjy

    Hey guys

    Hey guys hows it hanging? Haven’t seen you ugly ducklings for quite sometime. So what is going on eh? How’s the server? How are you? Whats going on in your guys life? I probably wont read this for another 6 months but ykno, it’s all good. -An old man
  5. jorjy

    an update on life

    I do not know if many of you know me as many of my friends on this server have passed. I am George, jorjy. I played on this server from 2012-2017, I was permanently banned. I was a troublemaker on the server and it was about time I got banned. Anyway I haven't really talked about my personal...
  6. jorjy

    More trophies.

    We are currently lacking in trophies, aren't we tired of seeing the 123 and 103 up on the board? Please make new ones, it will encourage people to stay. Before @TSB_BRIT disappeared never to be seen again he said he was going to create more trophies. (He did create one which no one will most...
  7. jorjy

    Question Why?

    I would like to know why threads in the suggestions sub-form are moderated before being approved for the public, it really has no purpose to me.
  8. jorjy

    //cs rotate!

    I am suggesting that we unblock a command called //cs build rotate! All this command does is make's it easier to rotate things, great for structures. It is basically a much easier version of //rotate. How it works: (Images won't work, find them here: ) First make a...
  9. jorjy


    I love the current staff, but this is the truth. We need more staff desperately, we need more active staff. The current ones just aren't coming online enough, they're loosing interest. So is the community. It's the sad truth. We're told "oh yeah don't worry just be patient" We've been patient...
  10. jorjy

    But which one is the real broodpudding..

    @ryans1230 @broodpudding @fallskies
  11. jorjy

    Build Idea Fycius' dominance.

    Fycius, the Harvard of build teams. Fycius needs a challenge, and we want you to help. For years now Fycius has secured dominance from winning building competitions. (Just like the most recent one. Cheers @Navoo @mhuzz) We need a new challenge as it seems the next official building competition...
  12. jorjy

    Staff secrets. (Leaked info)

    This is proof the staff are robots. Share before it gets taken down.
  13. jorjy

    Build Idea Spookers!

    Spookers What is "spookers"? Spookers is an event that takes place every October, around the "Halloween rush" time. It's basically an event to meet up with others. (Of course in your Halloween skin!) You can of course, scare unsuspecting people. Ideas? In my vision I can imagine a main...
  14. jorjy

    Pre-made terrain.

    Pre-made terrain. I know a lot of people who dislike creating terrain for their builds, it just takes up too much time. (Especially in contests) I think we could make custom terrain that can be loaded onto your plot when creating a build. On this server we have a handful of excellent landscapers...
  15. jorjy


    A server with smaller plots than the 512x512 ones, but bigger than the old 125x125 ones. I think around 255x255 would be a good size. Earlier this year we had hundreds of people complain about how small the plot sizes were, we upgraded. They got mad that they were too big. I think we should...
  16. jorjy

    /Shout (message)

    Instead of having to change from local to global you can type /shout (message) and it will appear in global chat, not too hard to code. (Pretty sure here are plugins or something for this already) I think that's all I need to say about this? It's pretty self explainitory, good day to you.
  17. jorjy

    How to change your forums IGN!

    This is a tutorial about how to change your name! Step 1: Locate the alerts/mail area. (Usually at the top of the page) Step 2: Click (or hover) on your IGN/Avatar and a menu should pop open Step 3: Click on Personal Details Step 4: Locate the update username button, on the side panel...
  18. jorjy


    Vaults/Player vaults What are they? Vaults are like enderchests, but larger. They are able to hold a lot more things. Good for keepin' those 'rare' items safe. I think players will love/enjoy them. How do I use them? They are fairly easy to use, a few simple commands are needed to operate this...
  19. jorjy

    Praise eh

    I haven't made a praise since some time last year. I recently hit my one year anniversary on the forums so I thought I'd make a praise. @Malevolent_ Paul, you are the best friend I could have. Funny, smart, cute. The list goes on and on. Thank you for being there. @school__zone You're a really...
  20. jorjy

    Screenshots Phain - Game board of the ancients. 6000x6000

    One of the most amazing builds I have seen. Build by: Darastlix Images: Overview Phain was built eons ago by ancient giants. It consists of 4 areas, nobody knows their real names, so we can simply call them Blue Ice, Red Sun, Yellow Wheat & Green Leaf. Blue Ice is the...