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  1. stan loona

    Complaint Empty plots.

    as someone who currently has 4 empty plots that I dont build on at all...i agree
  2. stan loona

    British 60s style flats

    looks exactly like where I used to live lol
  3. stan loona

    Game What would you do for 1 million?

    i would listen to sicko mode for 72 hours straight
  4. stan loona

    Obvious Server Improvements.

    builder ranks: nah man we have building contests for that. if u win u get store credits so u can buy ur own rank. builders do get recognition. currency: voting is basically currency. u use it to get /ast, w/e, /p clear and extra plots. we dont need another one. plot chat improvements: very...
  5. stan loona

    make [s1] pink

    thats it u aired my other suggestion so u better answer this one
  6. stan loona

    /displayname perk

    bruv… u have to already have a tier... to buy a perk... that's a big no-no
  7. stan loona

    What killed Edawg878

    1. lack of updates. everyone wanted 1.13.2 for monnths. literal months. but edawg just kinda left lol. that started the dark ages of edawg. not just game updates, but also no new content. it was just building and rping if u were lucky. now theres karaoke nights and build contests and fun stuff...
  8. stan loona


    i just want /poll back its my only request please do this simple thing for me dad
  9. stan loona

    A New Year

    brits back on the staff team and all is right with the universe
  10. stan loona


    omg... that drop was phenomenal. this is on the level of skrillex. marshmello could never. absolutely legendary
  11. stan loona

    Game Count until a staff member posts! [OVER 4 YEARS LONG]

    25 noteblocks!!!
  12. stan loona

    server texture pack!!

    i recommend listening to 13 on the jukebox
  13. stan loona

    Guys read this thread i have to tell you something

    idk if im just uncultured but i rlly rlly dont like this meme
  14. stan loona

    Tell me about yourself! Format in thread

    i actually posted on this a couple years back, lets see how much i changed. IGN: oops with 14 o's Name: oops/jess/jl Age: 17 Ethnicity: white ig Cool fact about yourself: when I was 3 I used to go to a skatepark with my parents, and a group of goths also hung out here as well. apparently they...
  15. stan loona

    Complaint Staff Wiki update

    damn theres like nobody left
  16. stan loona

    Praise the server

    i have no friends from this server and nobody loves me but its still cool