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happy birthday angel :)
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Build Contest [Contest #53] Alien Planet!

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Are we truly alone in the universe?

It's the first build contest of the year and it's time to get out of this world with your creations! Create a whole new planet, your imagination is the limit!

All builds are due 29/01/2019 00:00AM UTC. Judging will then occur between the 29th - 31st and the winner will be posted after

PRIZES (All prizes are given as store credit):

1st - 40USD
2nd - 20USD
3rd - 10USD

Below you will find a complete list of commands on how to enter the contest, information, and rules for the contest. It is very important to read the commands for /contest, the information, and the rules. Please take a minute to read through this information:

Entering a build competition:

To sign up for a build competition, please use this format and post your message under this post:


Username of the main participant:

Usernames of any helpers:

Server: C1/C2/C3

Plot ID (do /p info):

Who does the...​

Announcement New Server Website

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Today I release to you the server website, we will be working to improve it and will be working on it a lot in the coming weeks. We are opening it early so that essential website functions can still proceed (applications, etc).

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