[RECRUITMENT] Heywena: A Minecraft Clan

19 September 2016
Est Heywen, Citadelis Pax-Elysium.
The Heywen Clan
(Not really a roleplay but an idea none the less)


Hello people of EDawg. The Heywen have been a clan on EDawg for about 2 years. For those of you who do not know what a clan is, I'll quickly explain. A Minecraft Clan is essentially a group of players who organize into a certain "guild" or "club." Most clans are Builders, Survivalists, Roleplayers or even nations. Well, the Heywen are pretty much all of those.

Mission Statement
Heywena has set out to act as a "third" party on EDawg. You have the current two major groups which is the staff and of course everyone else. We're a group that does a variety of certain things. We plan on organizing a build team and also make our own headquarters. We also would like to be contractors, doing certain jobs for people. Like voting, w/e, redstone, advertisement and also PvP. So I hope people would come to us for those types of things.

If you wanna join us, add me on discord: