READ New Staff Application, Reports, and Appeals System


The Dadmin
Jun 24, 2015
Hello, folks!

With a new owner and new changes, comes a new application and promotion system.

Doogie has generously given me the hefty task of managing the current and upcoming staff team alongside him, meaning I will be the one reading all of the applications and, after consulting with Doogie, I will be the one in charge of promotions.

This also, on the flip side, means that I am going to be reading all staff reports and, after consulting with Doogie, handling demotions as needed.

The way Doogie has set up staff applications, they are no longer a subsection of the forums, but rather an extension of our website itself. Up on your toolbar, you will see a new tab labeled 'Forms' (sandwiched between 'Wiki' and 'Members'). This will redirect you to a panel with three sections:

1. Staff Application - Here you will fill out a pre-made form and answer the questions provided. Make sure to fill this out to the best of your knowledge and ability, and include plenty of detail. Any applications that are dishonest, left wholly or partially blank, or meant as joke entries will be rejected.

2. Report a Player - Here you will fill out another form, answering the questions provided, and uploading screenshots. For building offenses, we ask that you please either; A) take a screenshot of the block logs (type /co i, and left or right click on blocks to view the data of who broke or placed what), B) take a screenshot of the plot info (/p info) or C) both. This is so that the admin designated to handle player reports (specific admin TBA) can handle the reports efficiently and completely. Reports without sufficient evidence/information provided will be dismissed. Spam/joke/false reports will warrant severe consequences to the reporter.

3. Appeal a ban or mute - Much like the above two, this is also a pre-made form with questions for you to fill out. Upon filling it out, an admin who is designated to handle the player appeals (specific admin TBA) will read over it and make a decision. Please be sure to be honest, humble, and respectful in your appeal. You are trying to convince us that you deserve another chance, so being rude, arrogant, or dishonest will be grounds for rejection. Spam, joke, and/or verbally abusive appeals may result in a bar from the appeals section or even the forums as a whole.

As far as staff reports, there is no official section designated for them yet. So for now I ask that all staff reports be directly PM'ed to me on discord (Birthday_#5555) for consideration. Include screenshot or log evidence. Any reports without evidence will be disregarded, and any evidence that is proven to be doctored or edited (beyond basic cropping for clarity) will warrant severe consequences to the reporter.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums, on discord, or reply down below.

Thank you all, and I hope to see some great applications!