Contest Ended [Contest #44] Time for your daily dose of education!

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BEEEEEEP. THAT'S THE BELL! CLASS IS STARTING AND I HOPE YOUR IN YOUR CLASS OR I'M WRITING YOU UP AND SENDING YOU TO THE APO (assistant principals office). With that being said, our build contest for the next month will be Schools/Colleges/Universities! For this next contest, you may build anything that is in relevance to schools, colleges/college campuses, or whatever you can come up with! Its what you make out of the theme!

All entries for the contest are due Sunday, March 31st, no exceptions. Judging will also occur on Sunday, March 31st.

I will be awarding a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winner. Prizes will go as follows:
=1st place: $40 In-store credit
=2nd place: $20 In-store credit
=3rd place: $10 In-store credit


Below you will find a complete list of commands on how to enter the contest, information, and rules for the contest. It is very important to read the commands for /contest, the information, and the rules. Please take a minute to read through this information:

  • /contest = The help page that gives you all /contest commands (that are listed below).​
  • /contest join = Enters you into a contest. NOTE: Make sure you are on the plot where your build entry will be.
  • /contest leave = Removes you from a contest. NOTE: To double check/make sure you have left the contest, please do this command 2 or 3 times, to make sure you are taken out. This makes judging builds quicker.
  • /contest cycle = Cycles/takes you through each contest entry. Once finished viewing a contest entry, re-type in /contest cycle to visit the next entry.​
  • /contest view = Takes you to a specific players build entry.​
  • /contest theme = Tells you the current contest theme, the due date for when all entries are due, and the prize/prizes (Prizes may vary between different contests).​

  • The host is usually the person who announces the next contest (if not the host will otherwise be announced on the forum where the contest has been introduced).​
  • No time is given after once a contest reaches its due date, no exceptions. Contest judging will also occur on the same day as the due date at any point of that day that the entries are due. Entries are judged, regardless of its state (finished or not), and judged by its relevance to the theme and creativity.​
  • Winners of a contest must message the host either over the server or discord for their coupon code which can be used to buy a tier or another perk in the donation store.​
  • Any further questions about any commands, rules or information may be directed to the contest host. Contest host: BusMan215. Host's Discord:kyle#1319​

  • Anyone who partakes in a build contest, the individuals build entry must be entered their own plot. For a team, any team member may enter their team build on any one of the team members plot.​
  • You may work alone or up to teams consisting a maximum of 4 individuals, but no more than 4 individuals. All individuals that partake in a team must be listed on a sign at the entry/spawn point of the build entry. If a team works together and does not list on a sign the following team members that worked together in this build, it will be assumed and judged as a solo entry, where it will go to the person who entered the build.​
  • Builds must follow the theme! They must be in relevance or exact to the theme. Any builds that are not in relevance to the theme will be disqualified.​
  • Copying builds from other players is prohibited. Anyone who is caught copying another players build, whether it is identical or similar to the original build will be immediately disqualified and not allowed to re-enter in for that contest.​
  • Any build entry that was built for a contest may not be recycled, whether it won the contest or not.​
  • Builds must not break any of the official server rules, such as Inappropriate/vulgar builds, or have any sort of prejudice views towards someone, a group of individuals, or a controversial topic that may offend others.​
  • Builds must all be entered in creative 1 (or commonly known as c1. do /c1 to get to creative 1)​
  • Each contest will specify how many winning spots will be open, where there will be a minimum of one winner, but a maximum of three winners going from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 2nd and 3rd place is optional at every contest, depending if the entries meet the criteria.​
  • Texture packs are most certainly allowed during any contest, however if you are using a texture pack for a certain contest you must message the host of the contest the link of the texture pack where the host can download the texture pack prior to the contest. Also place a sign of the texture pack to remind the host to judge it in that certain texture pack.​
  • The rules listed above are the official rules for each server-held build competition. Rules may be added in to a specific build competition, due to its topic where it needs clarification on what is allowed and what is not allowed. Official rules may be added in at anytime to the list of rules.​
  • By reading all rules and information, you agree to abide by them and to follow them. Any rules broken may lead to disqualification.​

Good luck to everyone who participates, and have fun!
my school bell actually goes beep for a good 8 seconds, yeah it isn't an irritating bell ringing for 5 minutes. oh and we also get a warning/1 minute bell too so we can keep track of time and not late to class :)
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18 November 2018
Hello everyone!
I would like to thank all who participated in our 44th contest! After viewing some amazing build entries, I have chosen (as stated above) 3 contest winners. Each contests winner will have a screenshot/multiple screenshots of what they have built below in order of placement.
=In First Place, we have bbnomxney! I can tell a lot of hard work and effort was put into this build! They have earned the prize of $40 in-store credit.
=In Second Place, we have __phobophobia__! Lots of hard work was put into this one too, especially with the interior is what caught my eye. They have earned $20 in-store credit to use.
=In Third Place, we have peachylemons! The exterior of this build was just amazing, It was very hard to not give them a placement in this months competiton. They have earned the prize of $10 in-store credit.
***DISCLAIMER: ALL CONTEST WINNERS MUST CLAIM THEIR PRIZE BY MESSAGING ME OVER DISCORD ( my discord is kyle#1319 ) OR MESSAGING ME ( /msg BusMan215 ) IN-GAME WITHIN ONE CONTEST TIME LENGTH (meaning if you do not get a hold of me for your prize in-game or via. discord by the next build contest deadline, you will not receive your prize, no exceptions).
Thank you all for participating in this months contest, please stay in-tuned for the next contest!

bbnomxney: 1554052127006.png 1554052174917.png 1554052204561.png
__phobophobia__: 1554052256813.png 1554052283537.png
peachylemons: 1554052382573.png 1554052404572.png
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