Story As We Fade

6 December 2013
Plot: It's the year 3010. Generation Xilain or known as Gen X has left Generation Yirithium on Earth for their own good. Gen X needs a new planet so that they can thrive on it. Earth is not their planet anymore. They found a planet in Satan's cascade. A planet that is almost like Earth itself. Named Volcanion 126xy. Generation Yirithium never gets along if they're together so they decided to split up into five factions. Four now but one is still out there but it is lost to mankind or forgotten. Now it's the year 3030. Will they ever find the lost faction? Or will they have to face the Cascadian Queen themselves?

  1. The Five Factions
  2. Lost to all mankind
  3. Who will guide us?
  4. Lacuna’s trails
  5. The mark of the Cascadian queen
  6. She who draws near
  7. Reigns of darkness
  8. We fear for the worse

Name of the factions:


Importance of each faction:

Astrix: Hunters/Gatherers/Farmers
Azimuth: Doctors/Nurses/Vets
Cascadian: Government officials/Judges/Librarians/Teachers/
Lacuna: Lost to mankind
Solaris: Police/Security

Characters and what faction they belong in
Midas: Solaris.
Ginger, frizzy hair clumsily hangs over a fine, frowning face. Bright gray eyes, set graciously within their sockets, watch warmly over the mines they've defended for so long.
Soft skin gracefully compliments his eyes and cheekbones and leaves a compelling memory of his fortunate destiny.
Clarion: Cascadian,
Silver, shoulder-length hair double braided to reveal a chiselled, tense face. Big, round aquamarine eyes, set lightly within their sockets, watch discreetly over the ships they've watched over for so long.
Smooth skin elegantly compliments her nose and mouth and and leaves a captivating memory of her upbringing
Alquist: Azimuth,
White, shaggy hair slightly reveals a strong, lively face. Glinting green eyes, set delicately within their sockets, watch readily over the spirits they've shown mercy on for so long.
Scars stretching from the bottom of the left cheek , running towards the left side of his lips and ending on his left cheek leaves a grievous memory of a former life.
Typhis : Lacuna
Gray, dreadlocks slightly reveals a full, sad face. Bulging blue eyes, set tightly within their sockets, watch carefully over the families they've come to appreciate for so long.
A gunshot left a mark stretching from just under the right eyebrow , running towards her right nostril and ending on her right cheek and leaves a painful burden of heroic liberation.
Iziminia: Astrix,
Brown, short hair slightly covers a craggy, sad face. Glinting black eyes, set low within their sockets, watch delightedly over the homes they've come to appreciate for so long.
Smooth skin handsomely compliments her cheekbones and and leaves a pleasurable memory of her luck in battles.
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